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Blue sky, Tualatin Valley

Lightlink Internet

Since 1994, Lightlink Internet has provided internet service to the Ithaca and the surrounding communities, with high-speed internet connections as well as dial-up and wireless hot spots in the greater Ithaca area.

Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband: $200 installation, $45 month, $450/year

Rural Broadband Survey: Is Service Available in your Area?

High Speed Internet

Business Broadband: $80 month, $800/year

Multi Dwelling Units: $4 head, plus bandwidth

Integration and Consulting

Integration and Consulting services are provided on an hourly basis. Contact us for pricing.

Dial-up and Hot Spots

Dial Up. Unlimited, Call for Pricing

Hot Spots: Call for Pricing

Business Services

Web Hosting: $20/month, $200/year for one domain. $10/month, $100/year each additional domain

Co-Location: $100/RU/month $1000/RU/year

Account Services

POP and Web Email: $5 month, $50 year

Unix Shell: $10 month, $100 year

Antispam: $1 month $10 year per mailbox, $10 month, $100 year per domain

Usenet News: $10 month, $100 year